Building a Jewelry Box with a Sliding Tray

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How to Make a Simple Wooden Jewelry Box

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Plus you can find out the store or individual seller ratings, as well as compare prices, shipping and discount offers on the same product by reading comments and reviews left by users. I use my crosscut blade to saw this thin plywood for a smooth, vibration-free cut. Apply glue to all the miters and slots and clamp the box together Photo 5. You can get it at a medical supply or sporting goods store. Tie the knot beforehand, to make a loop that stretches taut around the box.

After the glue is dry, sand the outside faces and top edges.

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  • Spray or brush a finish on the box and lid. Finish both sides of the lid, but only the outsides and top edges of the box.

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    Cut a piece of felt, with notches, so its center section exactly fits inside the box. Scissors work better than a knife. Use a wooden spatula with a tapered end to spread the glue Photo 6. Make sure the glue is spread thin, or it will soak through the felt. Place the felt inside the box Photo 7. Smooth it out on the bottom, making sure the cut corners line up correctly.

    How to Make a Sliding Tray Box with Hidden Compartment

    Then glue the sides, one at a time. A pointed stick with rounded edges is an invaluable tool for smoothing the felt near each corner. Cut the excess felt flush Photo 8.

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    The cutting tool has to be extremely sharp, so I use a double-sided razor blade. Cut the dividers to width and length. Cut the notches on the short dividers first Fig. Make these by placing a stop block right next to the blade. Move the stop block and cut notches in the long dividers Photo 9. Trim off the excess and cut around each notch Photo Assemble the dividers and insert them into the box. Screw hinges to the box. These hinges use delicate brass screws, so be sure to pre-drill the holes.