Knife in the Dark

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Lord of the Rings Re-Read: A Knife in the Dark

After you complete the secondary objective, you can start murdering all of the orcs in the ruins. It is not compulsory, though, because you can, just as well, take some vantage point, command the branded to attack and observe what is going on in the battlefield. All logos and images are copyrighted by their respective owners. Game Guides. Games Encyclopedia. Release Dates.

Middle-earth: SoM Guide. Game Guide. Weapon Missions.

A Knife In The Dark

Defeat the Olog-hai: There are a few approaches here, but we'd suggest taking a defensive stance as a head-on fight is unlikely to go your way. Dodge his attacks when prompted which will send you sliding through his legs enabling you to get in a few hits from the rear; hitting a well-timed Stun will then enable you to climb on his back and perforate him by mashing attack.

The Fellowship of the Ring “A Knife in the Dark” () | Film Music Central

Follow Gollum: You shouldn't encounter any trouble if you stick close to him, but it's still worth keeping an eye out for wandering Orcs. Follow Gollum. Find the Assassin's Victim: Use Wraith mode to reveal a set of footprints to follow. Reach the Assassin: Head towards the marker, and once your target is in sight shoot the Morgai Fly nest above his head to clear the bonus objective.

Defeat the Assassin: Watch out for his unblockable attack - it can take off half your health in one swipe, so dodge out of the way when prompted to avoid its poisoning effects.

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Beyond that he doesn't have any real tricks up his sleeve. Need more help? Our Shadow of War guide and walkthrough gives you an overview of everything you need, but if you need something in particular, we have pages on Shadow of War Fortress Sieges , how to earn Mirian in Shadow of War , a guide for how to import your Nemesis and Follower to Shadow of War , collectibles guides like how to get all Shadow of War Legendary Armour and Weapons sets , a list of Lost Artifacts and Web of Fate locations , and Ithildin Door poem solutions and Shadows of the Past , along with how to grind XP in Shadow of War to power through the tricky Shadow Wars endgame and get the true ending.

Finally, there's Shadow of War's army building explained and the best skills and how to earn Skill Points.

The Fellowship of the Ring Soundtrack-07-A Knife in the Dark

Defeat Archers without Raising the Alarm: Use stealth to creep around the outside of the camp and take out the archers - there's plenty of cover, and most of the Orcs are minding their own business so meeting the optional objective of killing four with stealth is easily done. Defeat the Warchief: with assistance from the Gondorians and their flaming arrows you shouldn't need to worry too much about the little guys, so focus on your quarry.

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The chase is on! Like Liked by 1 person. Nice post. It makes me aware that parts in movies have music with names.

A Knife in the Dark

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