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These types of planned revisions should not be confused with errors in released statistics, which are genuine mistakes.

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Such mistakes occur rarely and, when they do happen, corrections are made in a timely manner, announced and clearly explained to users in line with the Code of Practice for Official Statistics Principle 2, Practice 7. Home Employment and labour market People not in work Unemployment Rankings of percentages of workless households for counties and unitary authority areas in Great Britain: Table E Current Dataset s : Rankings of percentages of workless households for counties and unitary authority areas in Great Britain: Table E Rankings of the percentage of workless households for upper tier local authorities in Great Britain, annual.

Return to 'Rankings of percentages of workless households for counties and unitary authority areas in Great Britain: Table E' Provides files to download data as it existed for this dataset on previous dates. Statistics are most often revised for 1 of 2 reasons: For certain statistics initial estimates are released with the expectation that these may be revised and updated as further data becomes available.

Also find the number of blue tiles used in a floor of tiles.

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Percentages Revision

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