Power Words that help sell Real Estate: Creating Appeal & Interest in Home Buyer Advertising

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To make your ad look more appealing, you can shorten links with Bitly. People go to Facebook mainly to catch up with their friends and family, so posts on the platform often have a very casual tone. In the ad below, for example, the copy features several exclamation points that make the listing feel more informal and fun.

Tips for Sellers

In striking the right tone though, you need to be careful to not discriminate in your ad copy. Here is a guide on using inclusive language to ensure your ad copy is within fair housing guidelines.

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Balancing a casual tone with professional language—such as the actual property details—allows you to seem both friendly and welcoming on the platform. Working as a real estate agent is a busy lifestyle. To learn more about Boost, click here. You can even preview Boost-generated ads with your own listings. While all of these strategies are helpful, some will work better than others for different types of properties. Try out each of the hacks, and measure the results to see which perform best for your listings. View all posts. Your email address will not be published.

The basics of Facebook ad copy The first step in improving your Facebook ad copy is understanding where it belongs. To convince people to click, mention the best features and u nique selling p roposition of your listing. Listing title : This title needs to be brief, yet catchy. In a single line, you want to mention the basic information—location, property type—along with the most attractive features of the listing.

Listing description : While this section is a bit less eye-grabbing, you should still use it to promote the best features of your listing. Leads who are especially engaged by the primary ad copy, listing title, and photo will want to read the description to quickly find out details.

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Be transparent with details. Use FOMO. Display contact info.

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  • Sprinkle emojis here and there. Source While a few emojis here and there are fun, using too many can make your ad seem unprofessional. Use data to back up your descriptions. Settings Sign Out. My Home Get quick and easy access to your home value, neighborhood activity and financial possibilites. Saved Homes Click the to save properties.

    Saved Searches Click Follow Search to get alerts on new listings. Home Renting Tips Debunked! Find your dream home in. Shrink your staging costs Staging your home, which entails hiring a decorator to make your house aesthetically appealing to a prospective buyer, usually pays off big-time. Looking to sell your home? Claim your home and get info on your home's value. Popular Homes Based on your last search. Editors' Picks Trends. Home Improvement. Celebrity Real Estate. Facebook, of course!

    According to a recent study by Mediakix , the average person spends 35 minutes per day on Facebook giving you, the realtor, ample opportunity to get in front of the right people with your killer Facebook ads. Facebook is also inherently visual just like real estate , and provides extremely granular targeting options that allow to reach the exact market you want, from first-time, just-married home buyers to wealthy coastal retirees. We know Facebook advertising is the answer, but what is the strategy behind it?

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    Here are seven super-effective tips to ensure you capture that ready-to-purchase audience on Facebook. Need more help with your ad campaigns?

    Real Estate Advertising: 43 Great Examples Of Real Estate Facebook Ads

    Get our free! All-Star Playbook to Online Advertising. Pretty neat, right? This is super valuable to real estate agents since this often determines the types of properties that people are able to buy.

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    With Custom Audiences you can upload that list to Facebook, and then have Facebook do some magic to find similar individuals AKA lookalike audiences who are likely ready to invest in your beautiful properties. This is probably one of the coolest options, the fact that Facebook allows you to target people who are likely to move! Video marketing is definitely an underutilized technique in the real estate game! While some have begun to catch on, many still view video as an intimidating and challenging medium. And the return is worth the effort spent.

    This makes sense, right? Some of you have likely found this out the hard way, but pictures can be incredibly deceiving! While video is still not the same as being there, it gives the viewer a more realistic look into the property. Sell Team does an impeccable job at marketing properties with video.