The Wonders of Solitude

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Yet, many times we are slightly biased with regards our behaviour or true nature. However, some time in solitude will solve all this confusion. Alone time aids us not only to understand who we are, but also what we want. Understanding our own thoughts, actions and reactions will aid us in our personal development and success.

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Moreover, it will widen our narrow-minded view of specific issues so that we can enjoy a wider perspective of things. In times like this, it may seem that you literally have no time for anything, let alone engage in a solitary session. However, some alone time will allow you to focus fully without distractions.

Not only will this aid you to do your work more effectively, but it will also enhance your creative streak. This is why so many inventors and artists, including painters and writers, tend to spend so much time alone. That is when great ideas are born. Apart from the benefits listed above, alone time allows our brain to silence the monkey chatter inside it, frees us from the overload of stimulation around us and encourages us to be more mindful. Your muscles relax, your blood pressure will decrease…yada yada.. So, the next time that you feel overwhelmed, instead of blindly reaching for whatever usually gets you back on your feet again no judgement , take a deep breath and allocate a few minutes of solitude.

It'll do wonders!

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Long, C. Journal for the Theory of Social Behaviour , 33 1 , Dec 26, Jeff DeRosa rated it really liked it. This collection of quotes is well put-together. It does lack a bit of global diversity this collection relies largely on American, British, and French authors.

But it's insightful and eye opening. Before this read I never truly considered the power of solitude and the many places we can encounter or force this gift. This book also introduced me to some new authors.

The wonders of solitude

Nicely done. Jul 07, NJ rated it it was amazing Shelves: indulgence. I decided to delete my twitter account and self-regulate my use of social media. We all need silence and it is wise to always prefer that, to question ourselves whenever we have the urge to generate or receive noise.

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Aug 10, Marianna rated it liked it Shelves: books-read A collection of quotes regarding solitude Subi rated it it was amazing Jun 09, Leslie rated it really liked it Aug 12, The rated it liked it Jul 01, Paul Smith rated it liked it Jul 08, Barbara rated it really liked it Jun 08, Charlotte rated it really liked it Apr 13, Chrissy rated it really liked it Jun 25, Manuel rated it really liked it Jun 11, Bonnie rated it it was amazing Sep 25, Carole Thompson rated it it was amazing Oct 01, Melissa rated it really liked it Jul 13, Alita rated it it was ok Apr 10, Askaline rated it liked it Oct 04, Jared rated it it was amazing Jan 11, Laura ME rated it liked it Mar 21, Frankly, I feared becoming Nobody and being forgotten.

While I needed and wanted solitude, at the same time I questioned my right to withdraw from my world, and I feared the consequences. Thus, I did not embrace solitude whole-heartedly at first. Over time, however, I came to love it. And it's a good thing that I did, because my disordered, malfunctioning autonomic nervous system and depleted adrenal glands require it. Initially, I was so disabled by CFS that I was completely housebound and had almost no contact with anyone other than my husband. Since I have been receiving naturopathic treatment that has increased my functionality and made it possible for me to be out and about and to visit with family and friends.

When I exceed my limits and symptoms return, I recover more quickly now than before. Thus, I am no longer as isolated as I was for several years. To feel my best, however, I still must limit my exposure to "the world. The Gifts of Solitude First is freedom. For me solitude brings freedom from the needs, demands, and expectations of other people.

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Because I have a strong will to do what I want, it's not easy for me to accommodate others. Solitude frees me from having to do so. Not having to take care of, pay attention to, or adjust myself to others, I can do as I please! Within the limits set by CFS, of course. Second, solitude is the prerequisite for those activities I can pursue--reading, studying, thinking, writing, needlework, and meditating. In my over-active lifestyle before CFS, I didn't realize how much I missed intellectual, spiritual, and creative work.

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Enjoying my career and family life and the rewards they brought me --recognition, a sense of competence and accomplishment, appreciation, good income, and many pleasures-- I had a rich, full life that I didn't want to give up. By forcing me into solitude and inactivity, CFS has given me the opportunity to find out how starved my soul was. I am by nature a contemplative, introverted type who may need more time alone than others do. Third, solitude has brought me a new intimacy with myself--my physical-mental-spiritual self. Besides recognizing my contemplative nature, I've become acquainted with my body, its processes and systems, its needs and signals.

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I have learned to pay attention to it, to befriend my body, poor workhorse, and to take care of it. In doing so I'm becoming more compassionate, more aware of the physical suffering of others, and more patient. New Realizations Through meditation practice in solitude, I've seen how my mind works, how it fools me with baseless thoughts that I mistake for reality, how its conditioned and conventional views lead to habitual responses, automatic attitudes and behaviors, and needless suffering.

By becoming more aware of my spirit, I've realized that I'm not just the separate body-mind personality I think of as myself. I'm also radically, wholly, immersed in all that is, totally integrated with the universe, partaking of the energy that vitalizes everything. Through my spirit, I am in constant communion with the Source; I'm not alone, not separate.

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My little self, though a unique and precious individual being, is also at-one with Spirit.